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As an addition to the Bamboozled Bamboo Clothing collection we introduce our fabulous hats. Hand made from raffia (palm leaf) in Madagascar we have a beautiful collection of large brimmed hats in small and large.

These hats are carefully made by hand from strips of dried palm leaf that are dyed and then dried in the Madagascan sun. When the many strips of colourful raffia are laid out in the fields to dry they make the landscape look like a giant rainbow throw rug. The pieces are then meticulously hand woven or even crocheted together and then sewn to be shaped into the eye-catching sun hats.

We love everything natural at Bamboozled Bamboo Clothing so the fact that these hats are made from a natural product is wonderful in our eyes. They are cool and breathable to wear as well as light weight on the head. Another advantage is that they can be rolled or folded to make as great travel hats. Imagine packing for a tropical holiday and then lazing on the beach under the shade of one of these marvellous big brims. The brims can be flipped up or down to turn the hats into a variety of different styles also.

The bright and natural colours come in a wide variety of shades. Brilliant reds, orange and pinks to sea blue and turquoise and earthy tones of wheat, tan, caramel and even black.
Accompanied with any of our clothing range of colours, there is hat to suit any ensemble.

Contact us now at for information on styles, shapes and colour choices.