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The Avarca Sandal Story

The Avarca Sandal Story

The authentic Avarca Sandals has arrived. The wonderful Benestar family on the Isle of Menorca in Spain are now hand-crafting my chosen Avarca designs for my latest collection. The Benestar family have over 25 years’ experience making these beautiful authentic Avarca Sandals and I am so thrilled to have them make my designs.   

This amazing style sandal was first created many decades ago made from recycled rubber car tyre and a leather or material upper on the Isle of Menorca. As the cliffs and terrain of this little island are quite rocky, the rubber tyre soles made for terrific grip.

In recent times the Avarca sandal has evolved into quite a fashionable and popular shoe, not only in Europe but across the world.  As a result, the Menorcan government ruled to protect the manufacturing of the Authentic Avarca to the origins of the island and created a logo and government stamped label. Shoemakers of the island are granted this label once the government decides if they are producing to a certain standard of quality and hand making the Avarcas in Menorca. All my Benestar made Avarcas have achieved this stamp and all my sandals come with the authenticity label.


As a first design collection I have decided to choose 3 natural tones and 2 of the amazing glitters. My choice of naturals are a beautiful Tan suede finish and Black soft leather. These are a lovely edition to any wardrobe. The third is a duo combination of Black and Taupe Ante suede like leather with a velvety touch. This style has the neutral base tones to also suit a large amount of your basic wardrobe. The first glitter choice is what is known as a Multi Glitter. This is a mix of all glitter colours that pick up the base colour of the clothing you are wearing and suits a multitude of skin tones. The finish for the Multi Glitter is a delicate metallic Champagne Gold piping along the toe and upper foot as well as the back strap. The second glitter is a Navy Glitter with matte navy leather for the piping and back strap. These are a beautiful colour especially suited for a summer style wardrobe.


I hope you enjoy my new collection of Avarca sandals and I look forward to releasing some new designs in the very near future with the wonderful Benestar family of Menorca, Spain.