Hi There! White Amber Label is single handedly owned and operated by me, Amber. I am a Northern NSW local who many years ago saw the need for natural based fashion designed for women who appreciate unique, stylish but comfortable garments.

I believe that clothing should make you feel good on the inside and out and that is why I have chosen natural fabrics to design in. 

There is a loose weave Bamboo Cotton mix that is incredibly breathable and perfect for travel as ironing is optional and my new high quality Linen with a touch of cotton for less creasing that is pre-shrunk and pre-washed for extra softness.  

All my pieces are hand-made ethically and are small batch including the genuine Menorcan made Avarca sandals.  

My vision for my little label is to design stylish bespoke garments for women of all sizing and that are at a fair price. As my little label grows my goal is to become a complete sustainable and ethical brand. 

I have a beachside studio in Vietnam where I have lived and worked and this is where my best girlfriends sew my bamboo and linen pieces. They have exceptional working conditions and their equipment is of a high quality, I know this because I bought it for them. They are paid well above the average wage of a high standard tailor.

I have just finished my new Organic Cotton Collection where I have the most beautiful Indian women tailoring for me that have been given a fresh start at life and are survivors of human trafficking. A fellow designer colleague of mine has created a safe and nurturing environment for these women and trained them to be brilliant tailors. They are also learning to speak english along with reading and writing skills and are paid above the average wage.

Ethically made is a main priority of mine always. Australian made is very important to me however I simply could not afford to make my pieces here and keep them at an affordable price for most. I do use Australian services and goods for everything else in my business and support Australian made. 

Please enjoy my online boutique and hey.. Thanks for reading! ♡

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