Garment Care

The best way to care for your White Amber Clothing garment is to hand wash separately in cold water with a mild detergent. Wring out the water by hand, give it a good shake to relax the loose weave and hang in a shady area to dry.

To give a flatter finish and more stretched out result to the Bamboo Cotton fabric simply iron out or steam. If the loose weave has pulled in in the wash for some reason it has Not shrunk and just needs to be ironed or steamed out to return to its original shape.

If machine washing is necessary, it is a good idea to place your garment in a laundry wash bag or pillow slip to help protect the material.

All my garments have already been pre-washed and pre-shrunk. It is always better to wash separately or with similar colours.

Ironing is optional and most pieces are great for travel rolled in your suitcase. You can medium heat iron or steam the fabric for a less striated finish and I normally do this before filming or photographing them.

For the Organic Bamboo Bodywear pieces machine wash and hang to dry. No ironing required.

Linen machine wash is ok & medium heat iron.

For longevity of all natural material garments handwash and gentle care is always recommended ♡