Bamboo is a wonderful natural product that is great for the environment and for our bodies.

This wonderful material naturally repels odors and allergens, so you feel fresher for longer.

Bamboo is also anti-bacterial, soft and very beneficial in helping alleviate discomfort due to irritable skin conditions. It is fast growing and requires little water. Bamboo doesn’t need harsh chemical repellents or fertilizers to grow either so is much kinder of our environment.

Our material is different in the fact that we use a “loose weave” bamboo and cotton blend that allows for maximum breathability for your body, keeping you dry, cool, and odor-free all day.

Bamboo is powerfully insulating so it keeps you cooler in summer. It’s around 3 degrees cooler than cotton and wicks moisture away from your body. As bamboo is a moisture-wicking and breathable material it helps keep you comfortable all year around.

You don’t have to suffer from hot climates or conditions. Make the change to White Amber and let your body enjoy the many benefits that bamboo and our lovely, easy wear designs have to offer.