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Elegant White Look

Elegant White Look


Nothing is more eye-catching than a beautifully layered all white outfit especially in bamboo clothing. The fall and drape of bamboo clothing has a soft feminine feel. When all white is the colour choice it is an elegant and tasteful look. Sophisticated in its styling nature, all white has been a timeless choice across the decades.


As bamboo clothing is a natural and fresh option for dressing yourself in so is all white. Keeping you cool in the warmer weather, white reflects the sun and bamboo clothing breaths more than most other materials.


Here we have layered our Snow White ensemble of the Flowing Skirt and the Selena Top with the Infinity Top worn open as a jacket. All light bamboo clothing that allows the skin to breath. A stunning combination when all worn together in the one block colour of fresh white.


As we live in a hot climate here in Australia, white is a great choice for combatting the heat. Another benefit of bamboo clothing is the anti-UV properties that it has. Protecting your skin from harmful UV rays is often a must when living in the great southern land.


Often it is considered that white is more of a summer colour but here in our warm climate it is very acceptable to wear all white all year round.  In fact, party hosts who request their guests wear all white are extremely popular. On a lot of cruise ship journeys, an all-white dinner party is often thrown. A breathtaking display of everyone dressed in white is a wonderful sight to behold.