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Nat's Picks from "Let Me Try Before You Buy"

Nat's Picks from "Let Me Try Before You Buy"

LMTBYB Nat's Collection Picks..

The Linen Collection: Instagram Fashion Influencer Natalie Angel from "Let Me Try Before You Buy" has modelled and reviewed my latest Linen Collection and here is the collection of what she tried on and loved. Also the latest handmade Avarca sandals I have available in beautiful natural tones.

Natalie Angel is the first social media influencer in Australia to have a a dedicated IGTV Only Instagram page that shows women how certain brands styles, cuts and more importantly sizing fit the average sized Australian woman size 16.  She gives fabulous styling tips and advice on how to wear certain pieces and suggests how ALL sizes and shapes could wear particular pieces to best suit their body shape.

Please enjoy the handmade and small batch Linen Collection now available on my online boutique. For the full try on you can watch the Try-On video in the link bio of my Instagram which is right here 👇