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The Linen Collection

Linen Clothing

Linen clothing is such a wonderful part of any wardrobe. Many years ago I used to design in Linen fabric but always seemed to struggle with getting the exact right texture. Linen comes in a variety of finishes and grades. There is damask, loose weave and slub to name a few.

After testing and trialling a variety of linens for my new Linen Clothing Collection I have found a beautifully soft texture with a mid-weight quality.


To make the linen clothing even softer, I have pre-washed and pre-shrunk the material and then completed a second wash once the garment design has been finished off. The result is a superbly soft and comfortable piece that can be worn in any season. To me, linen clothing should be designed and tailored with some structure but also entail wearability as linen material is meant to serve comfort and breathability for the skin.


To start the linen collection off I have designed a bespoke selection of tops, pants and dresses in a natural colour based range.  Linen tops and shirts with unique angles as well as classic collared and button designs meant to be worn across a variety of occasions. Linen dresses that aren’t too short and of course everyone’s favourite.. pockets. The linen pants have extremely comfortable waist bands with soft elastic so there are no tight fitting zippers. Generous sizing is across all my designs.    


The colour range is naturally simple but effective as this tends to pair nicely with a large range of other garments that you may already have in your wardrobe. The first colour I have chosen in my linen fabric in the pure and natural tone of Sand. This is a warm beige/cream colour that matches with almost anything and looks so beautiful in linen texture. The more prominent colours are Dusk which is an earthy latte pink, Sky which is a soft but lively blue and Slate, a mid-toned charcoal grey.


These garments are all made with care for our environment and in very small batches. The pieces are handmade and air dried and care is taken wherever possible to make sure sustainability is part of the production. These are pieces that are part of the slow fashion movement that I am very proud to be part of. Below is a selection of my new Linen Collection.. please enjoy 💚 Amber