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Bamboo Clothing Colour Pallet inspired by the rich tones of the Australian earth.

Bamboo Clothing

NEW Bamboo Clothing colours.. What a crazy old year 2020 has been so far. When the shutdowns began and all my markets and events for most of the year were cancelled, I jumped right into designing the finishing touches of my New Bamboo Clothing Collection. Sourcing the bamboo material got harder but I pushed on through and have managed to get there.


A new colour pallet for the bamboo clothing range was my first starting point and being inspired by the colours of nature I knew exactly what I wanted. Olive Green has always been a favourite, but I needed to pair it up with something rather than black. Thinking earthy tones my eye immediately was drawn to the orange tones you find in the outback. I settled on a beautiful Rust, almost burnt orange colour and when placed next to the Olive it sung. These two colours are a marriage made in heaven. If you have a pair of Khaki coloured pants in your wardrobe, try matching it with an orange based coloured top and I’m sure you’ll be surprised at the results.


Next for my bamboo clothing colour selection I wanted a good allrounder that would go with a lot of other colours and become a staple colour in the wardrobe. Customers for a while now have been asking me for beige. Beige can be a bit tricky to match with some whites and blacks, so I decided upon a warmer beige tone, more like taupe mixed with a dash of coffee and so there it was, Latte. In my bamboo clothing I’ve made new long Latte coloured pants and it goes so good with Olive that I paired it with a bamboo top and have it as my title photo on the website.     


The other colour which I’ve always loved and have always thought was never given enough credit was brown. I wanted a brown that was rich and lively though so in the bamboo material I discovered the most beautiful Chocolate that actually has a slight fleck of bronze gold through it. It reminds me of an eyeshadow I had when I was very young and used to get lots of compliments about. The Chocolate bamboo clothing designs that I’ve made go so well with the Rust, Latte and Olive that it was the final choice to complete the new pallet.


All my bamboo clothing styles and colours in the new collection are designed to be mixed and matched and that is exactly how they go. I hope you enjoy these earthy tones as much as I do.