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Welcome To Spring


It is lovely to feel the warmth in the air and putting the heaters back in the linen cupboard for another year. New season, new events, new everything with endless possibilities for the rest of the year. Soon enough it’s race season, festival season and party time. As the weather warms, we feel good from all of the vitamin d that we take in from the sun. We feel healthy, happy and social.

Why not greet this amazing time of year with the fun and frivolity our gorgeous Sue Ellen dress has to offer. It’s an open weave bamboo and cotton mix that is not only a great look, but has many added benefits for your body as well. Making you feel as good on the inside as you look on the outside. 

Firstly, it breathes, cooling your body and keeping you nice and comfortable. Bamboo is cooler than all other materials by up to three degrees. The Sue Ellen dress with its beautiful draping pieces will suit any occasion whether it’s an afternoon cocktail with friends or simply having a casual brunch. You will feel cool, comfortable and stand out from the crowd.

The style is a full bodice piece underneath with the second layer double cascading from the front and merging into one full waterfall piece at the back. If a cold snap occurs early this Spring, no need to worry as bamboo material thermal regulates, keeping you cool when it is warm and warm when it cools down. Our Sue Ellen dress comes in a variety of lovely colours including earthy Olive Green, elegant Snow White, classic Midnight Black and rich Royal Purple. As a limited edition we have made a Red Hatters combination also, mixing True Red and Royal Purple together.

The Sue Ellen is also a versatile garment as it can be knotted from either the front or the side to change your appearance when required. It is also lovely layered especially with our Infinity Top as a jacket that can also be worn a multitude of ways.

At Bamboozled Bamboo Clothing we pride ourselves on being number one in customer service, so this Spring if you do not see the size or colour that you are looking for do not hesitate to contact us as we have a little "secret stash" of sizes and colours that are not displayed. We always manage to get our orders out the same day and provide tracking numbers immediately to our lovely customers.

All our garments are made from bamboo material which has anti- bacterial properties. You will always feel fresher for longer and it dries very quickly when washed. No ironing is required making it the best travel companion that you can have.

Find us this Sunday at Coolangatta Art and Craft on the Coast Markets, on the beachfront.