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Comfortable And Stylish Bamboo Clothing

Comfortable And Stylish Bamboo Clothing

Comfortable stylish clothing for all sizing is a must…

When designing our bamboo garments, we take in mind the necessity to create styles that suit all body shapes and sizes. Whether it is for a petite size or a fuller figured shape it is important that a woman can feel and look feminine yet comfortable. With non-restrictive garments in our soft bamboo fabric that allow the body to breath you can be assured that comfort is guaranteed.

From elegant, flowing designs to a soft tailored finish our collection gives you the choice to be dressed up or casually attired. If layering is a desired look than our bamboo material and designs are the key to complete a light weight and comfortable feel.

Many of our pieces can be mixed and matched or even worn in a number of versatile ways. For example our Athena Dress can be paired beautifully over our Knickerbocker Pants. For soft elegant arm coverage add our 8 Button Multi Top worn as a jacket to complete the whole look.

The versatility doesn’t stop there. Our number 1 seller, the 8 Button Multi Top can be worn numerous ways. This top let’s your imagination run wild. Buttons are sewn inside and outside under the arm and shoulders, so as to achieve many different styles. Perfect for travelling as you can continually change your look with the same garment. Whether you wear it as an open jacket, elegant V or cowl neck the choice is yours. Please see our 8 Button Multi Demo tab at the top of our homepage for a visual guide on all the different styles you can turn it into.

All of our garments are made in the same soft bamboo material that has moisture wicking properties to allow maximum breathability for the skin. The added feature of the loose weave of our bamboo fabric means air can easily flow through the material keeping you feeling fresh and cool.