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As a special homage to the wonderful ladies of the Red Hat Society, we at Bamboozled Bamboo Clothing have designed a very special collection of True Red and Royal Purple garments.

The Red Hat Society is an international social gathering of ladies that is made up of over a staggering 20,000 chapters of wonderful women from all over the globe. Originating in the United States, the founder Sue Ellen Cooper started the movement in 1998. Wanting to inspire a friend of hers who was turning 55 to grow older in a playful manner, she gave her a red hat as she had been wearing one she had found at a thrift shop herself.  Sue Ellen’s motivation came from a Jenny Joseph poem which begins with.. “When I am an old woman, I shall wear purple, with a red hat which doesn’t go and doesn’t suit me “. The frivolity of the red hat and the meaning behind the gift caught on and affected women that Sue-Ellen came across. These women responded to wearing their own red hats. Soon enough Sue Ellen had given many a red hat as a gift to other women and they started wearing purple outfits as suggested in the poem. On April 25th 1998 the women held a tea party and the Red Hat Society began.

The Red Hatters are a group of women dedicated to embracing a renewed outlook on life. One that encompasses fun and friendship. The energy that these women bring is amazing and to be in the presence of such a group or chapter as they are known, has a contagious feeling of joy and positivity. These women are aspiring to enjoy life and fulfil lifelong dreams.

It is common practice to wear purple only clothing and a red hat unless it is your birthday month where you reverse the colours to wear red clothing.

At Bamboozled we have played with the idea of mixing the two colours in our Red Hatters Collection that can be enjoyed by all. Going against what the poem suggests, we believe that red and purple are a wonderful colour combination. We have designed tops and dresses in both colour mixes as well as some block red and purple pieces. Currently we are working on a straight Royal Purple Collection that has had a few sneak previews to some Australian chapters of the Red Hat society and has been well received. Our goal with the upcoming collection is to provide matching purple ensembles of pants, culottes and skirts with the same colour purple tops and shirts. All made in our super soft and breathable bamboo fabric that doesn’t need ironing making it a dream for travelling. Stay tuned for the launch of our Royal Purple Collection and enjoy now at our online boutique, the Red Hatters Collection.   

 A big Thank You also to all the Red Hat ladies that have supported us and our designs and for all their marvellous feedback. We have listened and hope you enjoy!