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The Layering Effect

The Layering Effect

Who doesn't love a good layered outfit?


Layered outfits means you can achieve a whole new look and level of comfort with the removal or addition of one or multiple garments of an outfit. No wonder we’ve been doing it for more than 44 centuries.


But is there an art to layering?

Yes, of course there is.

The trick is to always wear the thinnest piece of clothing first, before applying something a bit thicker and heavier on top of that, before adding something thicker and heavier than that, etc.


Thats where our Boody collection comes into play.

Say you take a white cami top that we have on our online boutique designed by boody in an organic bamboo material. This ensures the base of your outfit is opaque, with the intelligence of bamboo and its thermal regulating properties to ensure that if the weather is cold, you feel warmer, and if the weather if warm, you feel cooler.


to which you may add one of our tops that we have designed in our own bamboo-cotton blend material, which offers the same properties as stated before from Boody. Take our Selena for example, in Snow White. This top offers the feature of an interesting cowl neck, and is sleeveless, which is ideal for the concept of layering.


For the bottom half of the outfit, you apply the first principle as you did for the top half of the outift. You might put on a pair of black crop leggings from Boody, followed by a pair of our Midnight Black Knickerbockers over the top of them. Now you have two layers, that can be warn in contrast or in cohesion with one another.


To finish off the ensemble, you can throw on one of our Infinity Tops, maybe in Midnight Black. The Infinity Top can be worn in 6 different ways, but for this example sake, we’ll use it as a jacket. Add a beautiful trinket necklace with a pair of open-toe sandals, and voila! A beautifully layered outfit that can be altered entirely by the removal or addition of any of the said layers.