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Why Bamboo Clothing?

Why Bamboo Clothing?

Why Bamboo Clothing?

How many times last summer did you feel so hot that you thought that you would melt?

For us, it was zero. We at Bamboozled Bamboo Clothing practice what we preach; we wear our loose weave, light weight bamboo fabric all summer long.

Being local designers based in Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast; we understand firsthand the heat and humidity that our harsh Australian summers can bring. Our elegant, timeless and sophisticated designs here at Bamboozled Bamboo Clothing keep you up to 3 degrees cooler, as bamboo is the most breathable and coolest material on the market.

Our loose weave designs allow your body to breathe, keeping you comfortable all day long. Bamboo is a great material for anybody with skin conditions that can be irritated in the warmer months; as bamboo clothing is naturally antibacterial. Our timeless, light weight designs are so versatile that you have the option to wear them formally or casually, to suit any occasion.

The sophistication of our bamboo clothing matched with our loose weave and silky soft touch will make you look and feel comfortable, elegant and feminine.

The light-weight bamboo fabric that we use in our collection is moisture wicking, ensuring that you constantly feel comfy and fresh.

Our loose-weave bamboo clothing designs are easily cared for. A quick, gentle hand wash, wrung out to dry, means ironingis notnecessary. Whether you’re a working professional, or a travelling Grey Nomad , these light-weight bamboo designs are for perfect your lifestyle !