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Bamboo Clothing: Natural Goodness

Bamboo Clothing: Natural Goodness

Bamboo is natures goodness for the whole planet to enjoy in more ways than you would think.

Not only is bamboo a beautiful looking plant from its golden to shiny black and silver stripped varieties it is also a plant that has a myriad of beneficial uses. For centuries this fast growing plant has been used as scaffolding and also to build bridges. It is massively strong and has a greater tensile strength than steel. It can also handle compression better than concrete.

Bamboo has also been used as a medicine for centuries and has been allegedly useful in the treatment of kidney and bone disease. As a food source bamboo shoots are a common ingredient of Asian cuisine and the leaves and shoots are a staple of pandas and elephants.

With its beautiful smooth texture bamboo can be made into attractive furniture pieces and even cups, sauces and utensils such as spoons, forks and ladles.

Bamboo not only requires very little water to grow but also does not need repellents or harmful chemicals to flourish. With extremely high anti-bacterial qualities, bamboo is now being woven into a fabric that is brilliant for the skin. Nappies made from bamboo cloth are considered to be a very healthy option and bamboo underwear and socks are also of great benefit for protecting the skin from excess moisture and germs.

As we move into a more environmentally conscious era the creative side of bamboo is being used more effectively in the world of fashion also. Stylish sunglasses, sportswear and designer clothing are becoming more apparent. That is the main reason we at Bamboozled Bamboo Clothing choose to design in the fabric we do. Bamboo material is not only super soft but cool for the body with moisture wicking properties. Our designs of non-restrictive to free flowing styles blend beautifully with the gentleness that this plant has to offer. We also hope to lend a hand in being kinder to the planet by using a sustainable material such as wonderful bamboo.