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Grand Marnier Look

Grand Marnier Look

Introducing the Grand Marnier look!


This look features the delicious combination of warm, earthy tones that are our Burnt Apricot, Caffe Latte and Chocolate in the form of our beautiful Jaffa dress. This dress was designed to flatter all figures, with the stripes of the dress running vertically to elongate and embrace the body. The Jaffa can be worn casually or formally. The versatility of this dress makes for a sophisticated look that can be accessorised in a number of different ways, meaning that you essentially get more wear out of the same garment as it can be worn time and time again, each time establishing a different look.


What completes the Grand Marnier look is the addition of the Infinity Top in Burnt Apricot. This beautiful rich and romantic Orange tone colour coordinates with the Burnt Apricot panels in the Jaffa dress, and adds a cohesive theme to the look. Our Burnt Apricot is the perfect shade for any skin tone, and due to the fabric of the design being Bamboo, the advantages and benefits of bamboo to the skin are endless. Bamboo has to moisture wicking properties, it is 3 degrees cooler than most other fabrics and is hypo-allergenic. These properties all combine in making you feel fresher for longer, and with the designs being so beautifully designed, you will not only look good, but you will feel good as well.



This look, which is made up of our Jaffa Dress and our Infinity Top in Burnt Apricot is all available now on our bigger and better and more easily accessible online boutique. Also available on our Online Boutique is our collection of timeless and elegant pieces that are all made from the same bamboo fabrics, that are soothing and cool to the skin and come in a variety of different colours and designs, to suit any occasion and any temperature.