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Bamboo To The Future

Bamboo To The Future
Imagine going on your next holiday to your favourite destination and being surrounded by nature in a sustainable way…with a twist.
According to an article that I stumbled across not long ago, new mini cities in the not too distant future may look, feel, and offer a healthier alternative to the smoggy concrete and glass skyscrapers that we currently live and work in.

Architects are currently working on developing an entire city hub made out of…you guessed it…bamboo.

It would work by interlocking bamboo rods and rope and more than a little bit of thinking outside of the square. Bamboo is stronger than steel, yes just like superman. It is more resilient than concrete and all it took were a few architects to look past the beautiful aesthetic look of bamboo to come up with this ingenious idea.

Bamboo gives 30% more oxygen than trees and grows up to 3 feet per day. It is perfect for screening fence lines therefore great for privacy and is generally three degrees cooler than a lot of other materials e.g cotton.

Bamboo could be the most useful raw material to be overlooked, until now.

I can see it now, arriving at my bamboo hotel, being warmly welcomed with a cup of refreshing organic bamboo leaf tea, going up to the room and laying on the bed which of course has bamboo sheets and pillows. All whilst enjoying the look of the interior with that traditional bamboo finish.