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It’s The Little Things...

It’s The Little Things...
We have recently received a lot of positive feedback at Bamboozled Bamboo Clothing from our lovely customers with a lot of comments regarding the wrapping of our garments. These lovely comments are appreciated and welcomed always.

The way we see it, our lovely customers are the reason that we get up in the morning. Without you, our lovely customers- we simply would not have a business, our company would not exist.
Wrapping gifts has been a custom that has been going on for thousands of years, pretty much from the time that the first paper was made. The Chinese started wrapping goods in the 2nd century BC. It had a second resurgence by the Hall brothers who started Hallmark cards, in Kansas in the United States in 1917.

Nicely wrapping your order is our way to say thank you, and that you mean a lot more to us than you may realize. Someone once said, “you never have a second chance to make a first impression”. That person was right.

Sometimes when I have ordered things online and it arrives, I can’t wait to open it. Usually it arrives in a clear plastic bag with no thought involved. It kind of takes away from the experience.

You are not a number to us. You are the most important piece in our puzzle and as we become bigger and grow as a company, this philosophy of ours will never change.

That good old fashioned service and going above and beyond is here to stay because you are worth it.

It’s the little things.

Thank you for your ongoing support.
Bamboozled Bamboo Clothing.